When you're giving a special gift, just remember...

your concerns are our concerns!



Very few things in life are as emotive as fresh flowers! Their exquisite colors and scents tease our senses...and at the same time, they nurture our souls! In short, flowers bring people together

Rikka uses only premium fresh flowers; therefore your gift lasts longer. We have no "standardized product" because each arrangement is customized for the client's floral preferences and decor.  Our creative inspiration starts with a "one-of-a-kind" ceramic vessel (aka "keepsake") and evolves into an artistic expression.  The result is an unbridled smile!



Lobby Arrangement at the St. Regis Deer Valley.jpg


Whether it's your home, office or lobby, blooming plants and leafy trees bring "life and warmth" to any setting.  Rikka has successfully plantscaped five star hotels, medical centers, corporate offices, hospitality suites, high end residences, patios and numerous events. We'd be delighted to meet with you to discuss an overall vision, timeline and budget for your space. We can recommend specific plants/trees in customized ceramic vessels to tastefully embellish your space.  During this process, we consider light conditions, traffic patterns, overall scale, while also partnering specific plants/trees with proposed artwork and furnishings.  It's a one stop - one shop approach!

By the way, our botanical service also includes individual potted orchids, blooming plants, succulents, unique flower boxes, large scale potted arrangements and terrariums! 

Bar on top of floor mirror with peonies - Spring Soiree at Bret Webster Images.jpg


So what's the connection between interior design and floral design?  It's all in the details!  Our creative work does not stop with fresh flowers, botanicals or interior plantscaping!  We also provide professional high-end interior design services for private hotel residences, homes, corporate offices, etc. Our library of design resources enables us to provide you with a plethora of options for furnishings, lighting, artwork, flooring, area rugs, etc. Much like interior plantscaping, we would meet with you to discuss your specific interior design needs, budget and preferences.  

Staging is where we provide high end furnishings and plants for various venues. For example, we can provide furniture, lighting, rugs, linens, table settings, etc. to stage a home for Open House.  We can also stage a hospitality venue with large scale trees, plants, furnishings, etc. for an event (i.e. Sundance) to make it extra special and inviting!