Jane Sahagian

Owner and Designer


It all started in 2006, after returning from a three week holiday in New Zealand, Jane was inspired to move from Chicago to Park City.  Granted, Park City, Utah had fewer sheep and fences than southern New Zealand, but its mountains and people were similar!  Funny thing, but having traveled to several countries on six continents, the western United States remained a new frontier for her.

Looking back, it was a quantum leap to leave Chicago, her friends, the field of law and international business development at the world's largest law firm (77 global offices) and those wonderful corporate perks...simply to become a sole entrepreneur in Park City! Nevertheless, Rikka, LLC was officially branded in October 2007!  Yes, there were a few speed bumps along the way, but those experiences embellish one's character, integrity, vision and determination.  And now, almost eight years later, Rikka continues to thrive!  

Today, Rikka is the preferred florist for the revered Montage Deer Valley and the St. Regis Deer Valley, as well as numerous high net worth clients.  Equally important, Rikka remains proud to serve the community's philanthropic interests and its revered locals. 

Thank you for your valued friendship and business!